Crew Fatigue Persists As Oil By Rail Increases Risks

Fatigue remains a major cause of railroad accidents and incidents after decades of warnings. Safety advocates say oil by rail has raised the stakes for finding a solution. Full Story »

EarthFix Conversation: Puget Sound Whales For Sale

by Ashley Ahearn

It wasn't long ago that the endangered orcas of Puget Sound were being hunted and sold into captivity. A new book documents this dark period in orca history.

How To Listen For A Spotted Bat

by Courtney Flatt

A group of nature lovers recently spent a night out tracking bats in central Washington to check-in on how bat populations are doing in the state.

Endangered Species Listing For Wolverine Looking Doubtful

by Tom Banse

A federal threatened species listing for the wolverine is looking increasingly unlikely. Protected status was put on the table in anticipation of harm due to global warming.

Obama’s Climate Initiatives in the Northwest

by Courtney Flatt

President Obama announces several initiatives to help prepare for a warming climate. He says wildfires, heat waves and rising sea levels brought on by climate change threaten public safety.

Ag Secretary In Oregon To Tout Conservation Partnerships

by Alexi Horowitz

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack met Thursday with Oregon conservation leaders to discuss a new effort to get farmers and conservation groups working together.

Feds To Remove Fewer Wild Horses From Western Rangelands This Year

by Tom Banse

The federal Bureau of Land Management plans to capture and remove fewer wild horses from Western rangelands this summer. An agency statement blames budget constraints and already-full holding pens.

A Likely Exception To No-Pesticide Rule: Invasive Crazy Ants Attacking Baby Birds

by Cassandra Profita

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is eliminating the use of bee-harming pesticides on refuges in the Pacific region. One likely exception? Invasive crazy ants that attack nesting seabirds.

Wildfire Destroys Homes, Burns More than 2,000 Acres In South-Central Oregon

by Devan Schwartz

The Moccasin Hill wildfire has burned about 2,500 acres and destroyed up to 20 homes, forcing residents to seek shelter while waiting for federal aid to arrive.

A Debate On The Proposed Killing Of Cormorants To Save Salmon

by Devan Schwartz

The public gets its first chance to weigh in on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan to kill nearly 16,000 cormorants nesting in the Columbia River estuary in an effort to protect threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead.

Rail Workers Raise Doubts About Safety Culture As Oil Trains Roll On

by Ashley Ahearn, Tony Schick

BNSF Railway now hauls nearly 20 trains per week of crude oil through the Pacific Northwest. Railroad workers and industry experts say that while railroads have gotten safer over the years, a culture remains that silences whistleblowers and prioritizes speed over safety.

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